Covid-19 : India on war

Dr. Sherajul I. Shelley. I am sure India will be free from these dangerous enemy corona will be defeated. I wish you peace, safety, and well-being. `The world has not seen in 100 years a health pandemic like the one we see. It shows how helpless human beings can be. We should take all the health and hygienerelated precautions that health experts have prescribed. Then we turn to the One Who is the source of all Might and Power. To the extent you can, please act on the following deeds, andconvey to others:
1. The near meaning of a Quranic verse is: In difficulty adopt patience and prayers.
2. Another Quranic verse says (near meaning): When you face difficulty, say “Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajeun”.
3. A tasbih for present times: Recite Sura Fatiha 3 times, Sura Ikhlas 3 times, and “Hasbun Allahu wa niamal Wakil” 313 times (the near meaning is: Allah is sufficient for us). Recite as and when you can.
4. Doa from Rasulullah (SM) for protection for the whole day and night: Bismilahi-ladhi la yadurru ma’as-mihi shai’un fil-ardhi wa la fis-sama’i, wa huwas-sami’ul-‘alim — 3 times every morning and evening (Tirmizi, Abu Daud, Ahmed).
5. Rasulullah (SM) said whomsoever lands in a place and he says once, no harm will take place until he leaves: Auzubi-kalimati llahi-taammati min sharri ma khalaq (Muslim, Tirmizi, Nisai).
6. Rasulullah (SM)’s prescribed doa for protection from various diseases: “Allahmumma inni auzubika minal barasi wal junooni wal juzami wa min sayea-al asqam” (near meaning: Ya Allah keep all the evil diseases away from us). Recite few times every morning and evening. (Abu Daud, Ahmed).

7. Recite Sura Fatiha 41 times every day. Sura Fatiha is also called Sura-e-Shifa (Sura of deliverance from illness).
8. Astaghfar: Seeking forgiveness from Allah cools His wrath, protects us from distress and anxiety, and provides for us from sources we could not imagine. It is narrated Rasulullah (SM) used to seek forgiveness 70 times a day. Simply reciting “Astaghfirullah” is fine — or recite any other Astaghfar. Recite as much as you can every day. Fix the number and be consistent.
9. Sadaqa: Making sadaqa (charity) cools the wrath of the Almighty.
10. Reliance on the Almighty: If we can rely on Him like a baby relies in the lap of a mother, He will not allow a calamity to befall us.
A beduin told Rasulullah (SM): I want to be the strongest person in the world. Rasulullah (SM) replied: Put your trust on Allah; you will be the strongest person in the world (Ahmed).
11. Follow directives of health experts stringently.
We pray for each other. When a person prays for others, Angels pray for the person: May your prayers for others be accepted for you first.

Through precaution, good deeds, and doa we can be means of bringing better days. May the Almighty bless us, guide us, and protect us all – in Bangladesh and around the world.
Dr. Sherajul I. Shelley is a doctor of biological sciences specializing in microbiology and biotechnology analyst and consultant. He is an extraordinary scientist in NY, US based consulting scientist and principal scientist and financial analyst providing independent advice to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sciences. He has more than 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical industrial sciences and was associate professor of Dr. of sciences USSR academy state prize owner, chairman Dr. V.T. Emtsev from USSR Academy of Sciences institute of microbiology. He worked in many industries in the USA as a principal microbiologist. His works bring economic social prestige and welfare of the company and for the USA. He has published many articles to teach and is an extraordinary research scientist and awarded national and international awarded and Gold Medals and certificate of achievement for science and society. He has outstanding knowledge about the human body and the mechanisms of disease.
Recently he worked out some solutions about the coronavirus and experimental value and published reasonable publications which brought about the Covid -19 and solutions and another work about the development projects: The Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina: the mirror of the Golden Bengal and was published in newspapers.

Dr. Shelley was born in Dhaka, Bikrompur lohojong vaoar shine pukur Bhuiyan bari. He is son of late Mr. Muhammad Mazharul Islam Bhuiyan who was the government service holder and his Mother Mrs. Momtaj Fatema Islam Bhuiyan, a housewife who taught the Quran and holy hadith to women in Madrasha in Bikrompur. Dr. Sherajul Islam Shelley was awarded a government scholarship for higher education to the Former USSR educational institute and universities after completing secondary and higher secondary education from Notre dame College while he was a student at Dhaka university.
Dr. Shelley is a USA Microbiologist and biologist generally acknowledged to the most important single figure in the history of Academy of sciences of Former USSR because he was selected to attended and made extraordinary contribution on BNF, United Nations University, Tokyo, Japan and IRRI international rice research institute, Philippines, He worked on the UNDP project of Biological Nitrogen Fixation among USSR Candidates and there were 15 scientists from different countries of the world. Dr. Shelley was one of them.

His generous was not evident during his student days, His professor DR. V.I. Duda and academic EN mishustin from USSR Academy of sciences. Dr. Shelley made many contributions to science, but he is most famous for his advocacy of the world on war against covid-19 of the covid-19 theory of diseases and for his development of the technique of preventive inoculation and control. Many people of Bangladesh and USA benefited while he attended different social gatherings in Mosques etc. As a microbiologist his advice was highly appreciated by the committee. While he worked in the USA pharmaceuticals industry, he then turned his attention to the study of fermentation and showed that process is due to the action of certain types of microorganisms. He also demonstrated that the presence of certain other species of microorganisms could produce undesirable products in the fermenting beverages. This soon led him to the idea that some species of microorganisms could produce undesirable products and effects in human beings and other animals.

Dr. Shelley was the first person to suggest the germ theory of diseases and infectious diseases and immunity systems and insomnia is not serious problem in which he published in newspapers and discovered anaerobes are the nitrogen fixer and materials and similar hypothesis had been advanced earlier by the ancient scientists and indicated in the holy book Quran 14 years ago. It was Dr. Shelley’s vigorous championship of the infectious disease and control process. He substantiated his numerous experiments and demonstrated that were the principal factor in convincing the scientific community that the theory was correct.
If diseases were caused by germs or infectious microorganisms, it seemed logical that by preventing harmful germs or pathogens from entering the human body such as coronavirus entering the human body through nose and mouth and eyes. Etc. diseases might be avoided.
Dr. Shelley therefore stressed the importance of antiseptic methods for physicians and here is an aseptic technique doctors should wash their hands before touching patients or babies. He was a major influence on the USA center of diseases control USA information and advice and introduced antiseptic methods into microbiological work. Harmful bacteria can enter the human body through food and beverages / Dr. Shelley developed techniques following GMP and bacteriological techniques for destroying microorganisms in beverages. He wrote many test methods and protocols, standard operating procedures protocol to control microorganisms and still today using his methods in different pharmaceuticals where he worked in the USA. That was the technique where he practiced but eradicated contaminated raw materials and finished products of medicines as a source of infection for example ZENTEC, the heartburn medicines were contaminated cancer cause materials as was great sources of cancer and a lot of USA people died and faced cancer and surgery and ruined their life.

Now Dr. Shelley turned his attention to the study of coronavirus other knocking doors. This virus is a serious infectious disease which is still attacking many people and killed millions of people in the world. Dr. Shelley tried to do research on how to find real medicines instead of vaccines but due to economics this present work stopped. Though it is most important, issues have to be done. Dr. Shelley was able to show that a particular RNA species of virus was responsible for the viral diseases of far greater importance, however, was his development of a technique for producing a weakened strain of the coronavirus. In the case of corona vaccines injected into humans this weak strain of covid -19 produced a mild form of the disease, which was not fatal, but which enabled the human body to develop an immunity to the normal form of the diseases, so even after vaccination people dying and became infected. Dr. Shelley´s public demonstration of the effectiveness of his aseptic technique in immunizations against coronavirus aroused great excitement. It was soon realized that his general methods might be applied to the prevention of many other communicable diseases.

Dr.Shelley himself in his most renowned single achievements developed a technique for inoculating people against the dreaded diseases of human civilizations by corona RNA virus. Other scientists, applying Dr. Shelley´s basic ideas and test methods have since developed vaccines against many other serious diseases, such as epidemic RNA virus but we still have little knowledge.
Dr. Shelley who was an unusually hard worker has a variety of lesser but still useful achievements to his credit. It was his experiments to switch past ancient theory, more than any others which convincingly demonstrated that microorganisms do not arise through spontaneous generations. Dr. Shelley has great ideas about the phenomenon of anaerobiosis Ice that certain microorganisms can live in the absence of any air or free oxygen. Dr. Shelley’s work on diseases of health food on diseases of food has been of great commercial value using physical methods instead of chemical methods and through bacteria increases soil fertility and about anaerobic nitrogen fixations that certain microorganisms can live in the absence of any air or free oxygen. Dr. Shelley’s work on diseases of vegetables and food control by physical methods has been of great commercial value among other achievements was the development of RNA virus action to the human being for the prevention of virus a disease that attacks human beings.

A comparison is often made between Dr. Shelley and another scientist biologist who developed a vaccine RNA –Covid -19 against human beings. We consider Dr. Shelley is important because his methods of control worked for only one disease but other diseases too. Whereases Dr. Shelley’s methods of control could be and have been applied to the prevention of a large number of diseases.
Life expectations in which of the world have roughly doubled. This enormous increase in human life spans has probably had a greater effect on the lives of individuals than has any other development in the entire history of the human race. In effect modern science and medicines have presented each of us now living with virtually a second lifetime. If this increase in longevity could be solely at tribute to the work of Dr. Shelley, I would have had no hesitation at all in placing him first boy in schooling, nevertheless Dr. Shelley’s contributions are so fundamental that there is no question that he deserves the largest share of the credit for the decline in rates that has occurred in the present century and that he is therefore assigned a high place on the extraordinary level of the USA.

Dr. S.I. Shelley is a Canadian citizen and has two daughters who were born in Canada and a wife who is a Canadian citizen as well. He works here in the USA as an extraordinary scientist.
Elder daughter name: Miss. Sabrina Islam Shelley who attends Queens College majoring in Computer Science.
Youngest daughter name: Miss Suhana Sultana Shelley who attends Baruch in Business Administration.
Their mother’s name: Mrs. Shamsad Sultana Shelley; Educationist, NY. USA.
Dr. Shelley has one brother and two sisters.
Brother’s name: Mr. Muhammad Anwarul Islam Bhuayan and from the aristocrate huiyan family of shine pukur and later on lohojong vaour bhuyuan , married having 4 children living in Bangladesh and an elder sister and a younger Ssister.
Dr. S. I Shelley wrote two books waiting for publications.
1. Microbiology, Virology and Immunology.
2. The Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is the mirror of Golden Bengal.
3. Biological nitrogen fixation(BNF) Published, united nations university Tokyo , Japan and international rice research institute(IRRI) , Manila Philiphiness
Dr. Sherajul Islam Shelley’s achievements in focus in following subject’s mater.
Potential for improving health care.

There is one newly discovered technique which can prevent chilling injury, decay and quality deterioration. Interest has increased greatly during the last decade due to its effectiveness as an anti-carcinogenic and antioxidant and its potential as an inhibitor of certain forms of physiological disorders such as chilling injury of pharmaceuticals raw materials and finished products and of fruits and vegetables. Since I started to work with the post-harvest physiology of fruits and vegetables in Bangladesh agricultural research institute and Bangladesh jute research institute under the government of agriculture of Bangladesh and pharmaceuticals industry in USA for the quality of raw materials and finished products. We have begun to understand that physical methods of diseases or disorder or quality deterioration control are universal in the complexity of chemicals and my research and quality control data indicates that physical treatments are the best methods to prevent physiological disorders and prevention of quality detonation of fruits and vegetables and pharmaceuticals raw materials and finished products.
As a microbiologist I learned much has been learned concerning the chemical methods but relatively little is known about the physiological, genetic and ecological aspects of chilling injury prevention and reducing the quality deterioration.

Since the physical methods rather than synthetic chemicals proved to be helpful in the prevention of chilling injury. my research showing hypothesis of heat shock protein which have thermo tolerance capacity and can prevent chilling injury and prevent quality deterioration of fruits and vegetables raw materials and finished products, which is free from the toxic residue of synthetic chemicals.
My research was also directed towards the study of environmental factors CAPA gap environmental issues that affect the chilling injury of fruits and vegetables and raw materials and finished pharmaceuticals products.
This ascribed medical benefit from the consumption of fruits and vegetables and other raw materials and finished pharmaceuticals products are the basis of legend.
Non chemicals treatments including heat, hot water, intermittent warming and modified atmosphere strongly have been targeted by the environmental sciences as a prime issue for the prevention of physiological disorders and quality deterioration and preservation of fruits and vegetables and pharmaceuticals products stability and also useful to prevent nature and people’s health.

Recognized that no single research institute or pharmaceuticals industries has the scientific expertise, facilities or laboratories to conduct the research on health benefits of supper pharmaceuticals raw materials of super food which is free from toxic chemicals residue. We have formed cooperative team R&D quality control microbiology to identify to reduce raw materials and vegetables quality decorations by non-chemical preservative less treatments which has positive effect on health. we have preservative efficacy test as per FDA and USP guidelines. This research team R&D quality control microbiology and quality control chemistry includes studies of plant chemists, plant nutritionists, plant genetics and food and drug technologists working on many raw materials, fruits and finished products and vegetables.
Still today at present our laboratory is the key to this prevention of quality deterioration of raw materials fruits and vegetables at the national and international levels with coordinated effort of other pharmaceuticals scientist and food microbiology as a potential non carcinogenic or prevention of chilling injury / physiological disorders and quality deterioration or microbiological contaminants.

Physical treatments have been shown to reduce quality deterioration and prevention of chilling injury and preservation of raw materials as well as fruits and vegetables and vegetables raw materials. So far heat treatment has developed / synthesized a group of proteins which has the ability to prevent such kinds of physiological disorders and reduce quality deterioration. There has been speculation among the scientific community that heat shock treatments may synthesize a special group of protein which can prevent quality deterioration of pharmaceuticals raw material.
This research and work involve many complex steps, each of which requires sophisticated approaches and techniques that will be developed depending on the caliber of the scientists involved. I have worked on the prevention of chilling and quality deterioration of products or fruits and vegetables and pharmaceuticals specially they are made of animal and plant sources for 35 years and my skills have become indispensable to the industry or team that is working on improving the health of the American people. I served America and American people more than 18 years and worked for other countries at United Nation university, Tokyo and for the interest of science and humanity by providing nutritious and super quality medical products and served American people and keep the quality up. The interruption of the ongoing research projects will seriously the program, protocol testing, method SOP in the prevention of chilling injury and pathogens.

The area of research holds a great potential for the advancement of health services which is only possible with the present technologies in plant physiological and genetics. Many postharvest physiological and numerous scientists in health and nutrient research have suggested that people could reduce the risk of many diseases through modifying their dietary habits such consumption of the superfood or super pharmaceuticals products. Ours is the only consortium in the US consisting of scientists working in the areas fruits raw materials for pharmaceuticals finished products and vegetable genetics chemistry food processing pharmaceutical s product processing and microbiology, related to nutrition and health and our team is organized to initiate studies, specifically on the non-chemical preservative less treatments for finished products which is effective in fruits and vegetables and products.
These studies will determine the effects of certain physical treatments on prevention of specific diseases and disorders, and prevention of fruits and vegetables and raw materials for pharmaceutical uses which is superior for human consumption and good for health.

In the previous sections, I mentioned that pharmaceuticals raw materials fruits and vegetables that were pretreated with non-chemicals non preservative, I.e., physical treatment have good quality, free from toxic chemicals residue have an impact on the health of the people. The cost treating the diseases increased annually at a rate greater than the inflation. The cost treating the disease increased annually at a rate greater than the inflation. The cost of physical treatment i.e., nonchemical treatment for food preservation is considerably less than the actual health care costs incurred by any fraction of that population that develop disease.
The US government pay annually a lot of money to preserve fresh fruits and vegetables and pharmaceuticals raw materials by chemical means, but the food and raw materials still have contained chemical residue which is harmful for USA people and loss of lot money and FDA doesn’t want that manufacturer use by chemicals means which is contain toxin
Non-Chemically treated food or raw materials can save a lot of US dollars as well people’s health will improve by consuming nutrients ingredients medical products and problems and foods. Thus, the health care costs can be substantially reduced while avoiding several million American health. Therefore, nonmechanical food or raw materials preservation could become a major initiative to study assess and develop designer, food raw materials which are free from chemical residue and rich in most essential nutrient elements for humans. Moreover, I said earlier actually raw material contribute economic welfare of the country or company those who are in production
The market potential for such designer food or product will be considerable in the next 25 years as Americans increase their awareness of proper diets and medicines.
A good example is that there are many fruits and vegetables and raw material for pharmaceutical products, which was only due to some variety of fruits and vegetables and products materials. However, if we consider the total fruits and vegetables and pharmaceuticals industry in the USA, there is tremendous potential for improving the American economy.
My expertise in developing designer foods medicines is essential and a reduction of diseases, pathogens incidence of our people just 10% would result in considerable saving to the American economy. Without this type of research. we would be forced to rely on synthetic chemicals and more costly for prevention of diseases or disorders and preservation of fruits and vegetables and pharmaceutical products and also humans.
Currently, I am involved in research which has different parts. As a microbiologist, biotechnologist and doctor of biological sciences in including agronomy such agricultural sciences working on biological nitrogen fixation and consulting researching in USA, my work is being carried out at the Bangladesh research council and Bangladesh jute research institute and research council and my suggestion was involved in different hospitals especially for diseases control and prevention virus, coronavirus and quality medical pharmaceuticals Products and medicals products and problems and working for winder labs, Georgia.

The first part of our research project is to develop techniques to reduce /prevent chilling injury of fruits and vegetables and pharmaceuticals raw materials and also reduce the quality deterioration during storage, handling or shipment. Our studies have related to fruits and vegetables and pharmaceuticals raw materials and finished products stability that can be preserve without danger of chilling injury and it can be maintain their quality properly. This gives fruits and vegetables or products a unique niche in the global market. This fruit and vegetables and raw materials have good quality and has made it a favorite among the consumers, and it has become a branded product.

The second part of our research involves the introduction of fruits and vegetables and raw materials to the market inside and outside. Much of the loss was due to the sub-optimal shipping, or the post handling conditions in different places. The high temperature and humidity spores germinate and infect the fruits and vegetables. With our effort, we have developed a unique technique which eliminates major losses due to these problems consistently. significant progress, achieved by transit simulation and post –transit trails. Can save 40% loss of exported fruits and vegetables to foreign countries and or any other country to country of the world has increased about two-fold since a long time, we are the pioneer of this technique which has great potential for the food industry and pharmaceuticals industry. These research results will allow American growers or any countries growers to build confidence in exporting their product to Japanese market or any market that has been difficult to enter, the European common market, Mexico and Canada. The goal of our research is to guarantee a continuing increase in the number of jobs and a healthier balance of trade for the USA. In addition, our project has placed particular emphasis on research and development and made it a cornerstone for its success in commercialization which can lead to creation of more jobs in the USA.

In addition to benefiting the United states in terms of health condition/ care the advanced techniques worked out during my research will allow the United states fruits and vegetables and pharmaceuticals raw material. Raw material brings economic welfare to the country and industry owners to compete more effectively against the foreign industries.
D.Shelley a professional research scientist having more than 35 years’ experience in the different countries of the world. he studied at Timiryazev agricultural academy of Moscow USSR Academy of sciences and Patrice Lumumba university studied biological sciences and agronomy sciences agricultural science has great knowledge in different field of sciences and am selected Member of royal society of biology MRSB and selected candidate Fellowship royal society FRSB and always worked with a team of outstanding scientist to identify the best techniques to preserve fruits and vegetables and raw materials for different industrial process materials and maintain their better quality by non-chemical treatments, toxin free treatments. This is a unique group, whose goal is to provide the USA people super quality products which is better for good health and for hope of better healthy life of the American people, because of my unique skill in complex techniques and dedicated efforts over the 18 years in USA services. I have helped to identify the best methods to prevent products diseases and identify pathogens, disorders and preserve their quality and to determine their quality nondestructively over the next several years using nondestructive quality measurements techniques. We will be able to evaluate product quality very quickly which is labor and time intensive as well as inexpensive. We will have significant demands for export of products to different countries and the European countries. This may help to reduce the trade deficit with respective countries. In addition to preserving materials quality and public health and economic factors, my contribution directly creates technical jobs that help the private sector for products companies to develop good cultivar, protect environmental pollution by avoiding synthetic chemicals and using natural resources.Discovered biotechnology managements systems and at present he is working in: as a principal scientist in following USA famous pharmaceuticals industry directly under the control FDA and DEA.
At present we are busy with research projects to discover oral suspensions for corona virus found active formula to cure and to kill covid-19 and super covid -21 which is destroying our lot of Indian innocent God fearing people. May Almighty Allah help us to discover some easy liquid not vaccinated are to drink I am sure our liquid will be miracle after drinking without rest people will be free from corona and all kinds of RNA contains virus. Now India is a on war with covid -19 and super power covid -21

Author: Dr.Sherajuli Shelley, Assistant Manager) D. MRSB. Candidate: Fellow of Royal Society Biology of the United Kingdom. Bactolac Pharmaceutical Accuon Labs Inc , NY. USA winder labs Winder labs.


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