Dr. Sherajul I. Shelley: The average human lifespan is now about 80 years in developed countries. That’s about how long an average set of genes will keep you going. Researchers at Harvard medical school recently conducted a genomic analysis of 137 100 year olds and found that they different from the general populations with respect to only about 10 genes found on chromosomes four. These genes it seems helped their carriers fight off many of the diseases related to aging heart diseases cancer dementia osteoporosis etc. one of the most encouraging conclusions one can draw from that research is that there are probably a few common mechanisms underlying those diseases.
One such mechanism seems to be an enzyme called telomerase, patented by geron. A telomere is like one of those plastic bits on the ends of shoelaces to keep them from unraveling caledd aglets for you trivia buffs it stops the chromosomes from unraveling and fraying at their ends. But telomerase prevents that from happening . the enzyme isnot contained in mature cells but is found in cancer cells. There it appears to contribute to the relative immortality of the cancer cells. In theory if we could introduce telomerase to normal mature cells or perhaps activate the gene that codes for it , we could achive immortality pone de leons fabled foiuntain of youth.
WE SCIENTIST TRYING TO KEEP THIS LOOKS FOREVER. Biotechnology and forever youth life in near future 2026 that scientists are looking for

Although the study of telomerase will no doubt provide some interesting answers to our questions about the aging process , I don’t think we will be putting telomerase in the drinking water anytime soon. So far we understand far too little about how it works . we are. However discovering the role that many hormones play in aging. If we can create such hormone or control the aging hormone, probably we will solve aging problems and people will looks forever young.this heavenly change can be happen not means they will not die they will die definitely. In particular human growth hormone and dehydroepiandrosterone have been investigated with respect to changes in body compositions .evidence indicates that these and other hormones might help to show the aging processs by keeping our bodies stronger and healthier longer . combine this with improved methods of detecting preventing and treating diseases and its hard not to conclude that children born in the late 1909s can expect to live to see the 22nd century

Today a montreal company called nexia biotechnologies among a few others ,is combining the genes of two organisams to produce useful products. Although they don’t look quite as horrifying as the mythical greek creatures and to the best of my knowledge, havenot made any demands for youths or maidens these transgenic animals are similar in concept. For example , nexia has produced heards of transgenic goats and cows which have the genes for specific proteins from other organisams spliced into the genomes of their mammary glands .as results the milk they produce contains those proteinds it includes spider silk to make nexia’s structural products biosteel and its clot –busting protein tissue plasminogen activator . nexia has also entered into a joint venture with a european biotech to develop trangenic cows that will produce a host of therapeutic proteins.
I think this is a great idea and feel it will continue to evolve and progress. Why not take advantage of what mother nature has provided ; cute little protein factories ? you might think it cruel but in fact the goats are very healthy and happy and once you havest the sought after protein you can even use the milk more goat chese for everyone/ it seemslike a more cost effective way of producing therapeutic proteins than huge bioreactors full of nasty bacteria requiring considerable maintenance . with the goats ,once have inserted the gene , you just let them out into the back forty to graze. Their bodies are better designed to make proteins than any laboratory. We could ever hope to voncoct.

Among the most important changes we will see in future will be the information that the medical community will be ale to gather about patients and the way in which that data is analyzed . in that light biotechnology and information technologies will combine to provide physicians with broader and more profound knowledge about their patients .part of this will occur in the near term , as new imaging system allow doctors to peer ever more accurately inside the human body without the need for surgery. Three –dimensional holographic reproduction of a patients inner anatomy for example ,the brain will be used to plan and practice surgeries before the patients is admitted. During the procedure a huge array of sophisticated robotic tools will allow the surgen to conduct her work from outside the operating theater to limit possible contamination through a few tiny incision, the patients recovery time will be reduced to a few days or even hours.
Computer are now and will continue to be used for national drug design. This process employs computers in two ways by comparing the structure of proteins targets to known protein structures, it can be used to determine the molecular function of disease related proteins
Second by manipulating computer manifestations of proteins dugs can be computer –designed to bimd to specific structure and have a predetermined effect. Drug design can also be optimized by identifying and guiding the sunthesis of newr better therapeutic compounds.

Genomics and information technology are now combining as bioinformatics , allowing individuals genomes to be deciphered and compared to large genomic databanks. This will allow physicians to determine any exixting or predisposing genes that might cause problems and to address them before the problems arise. Medicine will shift from being reactive to proactive , focusing on preventing disease rather than treating it. Drugs will be tailor –made for the individual, by accounting for individual difference in absorption , metabolism and efficacy. Rather than using a hit or miss strategy for determining which drug works best for a patient. Physicians will be able to determine that answer inadvance and prescribe the single best drugs for that person. In drug traisls , a similar approach will be used to pre-screen potential candidates best suited for trial thius limiting costs and improving the quality of the data gathered. For some time now , Japanese scientist have been working on tiny, even microscopic machines that might be introducd into our bodies to deliver drugs to specific locations or accurately carve away atheroseclerotic plaques from our arteries . one day we might see entiter surgeries performed by intravenously introduced robot teams, which would be directed by physicians who never have to enter the body. These tiny machines would be conceived manufactured and directeddd by computers.
And lets not forget about DNA computers .scientist at lucent technologies have theorized that the particular electrical properties , structure and stability of DNA make it an excellent candidate for a semiconductor . david smith of thechnology futures , an Austin ,texas technology forecasting firm , was recently quoted as saying we could have DNA computer that matches the power of the human mind by 2020.

Furthermore , because of the smallness of DNA molecules microprocessors now the size of postage stamps could be shrunk to microscopic proportions . obviously this would mean that computers could be smaller, but would also provide an opportunity to use these bioprocessors inside the body as adjunct or replacement .our physiology could be monitored and output to medical databanks that would alert us, and our physicians of any medical problem that arises .some day we just might be able to add memory to our own brains and increase our computational ability.
Example that anthrax and ost count of how many headlines included that word. It has come symbolize a new frighting reality in human evolutions . for the first time, we are forced to contemplate the possibility that huge chunk of the populations might be wiped out by biterrosm. This is a nefarious and insidious form of war fare, potentially horrifying effective. And anthrax is only one many possible agents that could ne used to wreak havoc ao our society.
Although the method is new the outcome is not .humans have ,in the course of history. Endured many plagues , both bscterial and viral /in a sense our greatest enemy has been mother nature herself.

Many microbial threats exist in our environment. Its important to remember that whiles a few people have died . albeit tragically from exposure to the anthrax bacteria .more have died when agricultural runoff gets into municipal water supplies and as result e. coli bacteria infect hundreads. Remember, too that about 20,000 people die each year from the flu. Worldwide , 47 million people have been infected with HIV/AIDS, 21 million have died and another 36 million are still infected.
For years now I have been predicdicting that about one third of the worlds population will be wiped out by a contagious microbe within my lifetime. On my side is Stephen hawking who recently predicted that the entire human race would be eliminated by the end of this millennium. That seemingly morbid pessimism aises from the fact that mother nature is much strognger than we realize ,and we are not nearly as strong and clever as we think.everytime we humans think we have conqured an infectious disease , another nastier one appears.

Prime candidates as causes of the next global plagues are both viruses influenza and eboloa and now 2000 is covid 19. It is estimatedthat in the early part of this century and now about one third of all human were infected with a particularly deadly strain of influenza . twenty million people diedfrom it.the corona virusdied morethan one billion of people may be more still people will die nobody knows how many days this vaccine will work but still chance to due many people. This virus will be never be vanished it is still with us if immune system will weak the virus will will attack us again.this virus mutates with regularly and every few decades a very deadly strain arises .this will without doubt , happen again, in fact we are overdue for it.
Ebola by contrast has killed only a few hundread people in its half dozen or so outbreaks . what is frightening is the lethal power of the ebola virus the worst strain killed 90 percent of those far the only strain to kill human are passed by direct contact with the body fluids of the infected individual.and the virus kills within day.although horrifying that characteristic has actually saved us, because the virus is too hot. It kills its victims before it can be passed on to very many people and burns out quckly once contained.
My fear is that an airborne version of the deadiest stain will evolve and will have a slightly longer latency period . by exploting our capacity to travel rapidly around the glove .the virus could easily infect billions of individuals within a few months.
Biotechnology can certainly help us here. Many biotechs are working on new antibiotics for bacterial infections , they are seeking antiviral products for disesase such as HIV/AIDS influenza even ebola even covid-19 . because microbial diseases mutate and evolve so quckly finding cures for them is like shooting at a moving target. Biotech are also investigating methods to boost our own natural defense system .a combinayion of those two biotech thrust will likely make infectious diseass less of global threat than it is now but I doubt we will ever win that war pnce and for all.
In solving problemswe should have strong leadership in the world.all world leadership has failed to solve all worldy problems ,we need hardworkers true I want to mentions lot of countries have bioterrosiams and bacterial weapon besides other chemical and other weapons to kill humanbeings for theireown countries and economic intentions.actually chiana wants to create such virus or bacterial weapons and thus they tried to create corona virus in theire own laboratory. President trum is a patoritic president for USA. He tried hard for his own life to brings economic welfare to USA and he did it. He is right this is not covid-19 this is chaina -19 who destroy lot of he said this is not covid but it is chiana -19.chaina wants capture whole world by there bioterrorizam through covid-19.lot of immigrant intellectual peole inside USA living with hardship and serving USA without looking them USA brings lot of refuses without skills paying lot of money fo them without reasons president trum said please make America great but not to brings and giving welfare without reasons.make first USA great then you tthink to whom you will give immigrations.anyway this is politics not to politices country but to make great country and it will solve the all problems invest money where you need but not to invest were nothing will brings and will brings lot of sufferings.

A new study suggests that former President Donald Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric around the coronavirus, which is believed to have originated in China, helped spark anti-Asian Twitter content and “likely perpetuated racist attitudes.”
The Asian American community has experienced a striking rise in incidents of hate since the onset of COVID-19, according to officials and advocates, and critics say the former president’s repeated use of “China Virus” and other terms helped fuel an environment of hatred.
“Anti-Asian sentiment depicted in the tweets containing the term ‘Chinese Virus’ likely perpetuated racist attitudes and parallels the anti-Asian hate crimes that have occurred since,” said Dr. Yulin Hswen, an assistant professor of epidemiology at UC, San Francisco and the study’s lead author.
The results, published in the American Journal of Public Health, come in the wake of a string of attacks on Asian communities in the U.S., including a series of shootings in Georgia that left six women of Asian descent dead.
The study indicated a difference in anti-Asian sentiment when using neutral hashtags such as #COVID-19 versus racist hashtags like #Chinesevirus — 20% of the hashtags associated with #COVID-19 demonstrated anti-Asian sentiment, compared to 50% of hashtags with #Chinesevirus.

former President Donald Trump addresses the Conservative Political Action
Dr. John Brownstein, an ABC News Medical Unit contributor and author of the study, said that such online conversations can spark violent reactions.

“We often see that online conversations that contain messages of hate don’t stay online,” Brownstein said. “Oftentimes, the conversations that take place on social media results in real world consequences.”
Dr. Daniel Rogers, an expert on misinformation at New York University, said that hateful content on social media can lead to more of the same being served up to users via platforms’ algorithms.
“As platform algorithms pick up on engagement around this toxic content, they recommend increasingly more extreme content to users until their feeds are dominated by nothing but the most extreme stuff, goading those users with a propensity toward violence to potentially committing hate crimes,” Rogers said.
Researchers also found that the timing of the former president’s tweet was significant. The first time he used “ChineseVirus” was March 16, 2020, and the following week saw an increase in anti-Asian hashtags and a rise in hate crimes.
International health officials purposely avoided attaching geography to the virus, as had been done in the past, to avoid casting blame, but Trump insisted on tying China to COVID-19 at every turn.
Experts and policy makers warned against using inflammatory and racist tweets since they can serve as a rallying cry for hate crimes.
“Don’t attach locations or ethnicity to the disease, this is not a ‘Wuhan Virus,’ ‘Chinese Virus’ or ‘Asian Virus,” the World Health Organization wrote in a February 2020 bulletin.
In a wide-ranging press briefing on Wednesday, Biden administration press secretary Jen Psaki said that damaging rhetoric from the prior administration led to “inaccurate, unfair” perceptions that threatened Asian Americans.
One year ago, at the start of the pandemic, Trump condemned xenophobic attacks against Asian Americans, but he continued to use incendiary rhetoric and deny doing so was racist.
On the night several Asian women were shot dead in Atlanta, he referred to COVID-19 as the “China Virus” on Fox News.
The Trump Organization did not immediately respond to a request for comment from ABC News.
Hswen said it’s more important now than ever for our leaders to use neutral language because inflammatory words can influence people’s behavior toward particular groups.
The study results, Hswen said, “confirm that nationality, race, or ethnicity should not be attached to disease nomenclature, as these names can carry pejorative connotations that can stigmatize these communities.”
Anyway certainly many ethical issuses surrounded the commercialization of biotechnology . I could wax poetic for many works on this topic but that is not the purpose of this work.
However , some ethical isuses also have both commercial and global implications.
I am fascinated and amazed by what biotech has achived in a very short time. Soon diseasewill become more of an iconvenience than a threat to our survival. The problems is that , initially at least these technologies are enormously expensive . as noted earlier in this work .
Economics of scale will lower costs overtime as biotechs ramp up their production but that will bee a slow , steadly process . meanwhile how do we best make use of biotech products to ensure they benefit humanity.?

Author: Dr.Sherajuli Shelley, Assistant Manager) D. MRSB. Candidate: Fellow of Royal Society Biology of the United Kingdom. Bactolac Pharmaceutical Accuon Labs Inc , NY. USA winder labs Winder labs.


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