The new corona virus mutation: delta-virus reveals stunning scenes of majestic unparallel decorated beauty and power to destroy human civilization

DR. S.I.SHELLEY: The covid-19 and delta variant and new atrophic variant is spreading across the world .The Government of the worlds are compelled to enforce lockdown even though t is adversely affecting the economy and health care,
The world again facing greatest problem with new variants of corona virus. This covet -19 preparing themselves more stronger .human immnopower has been failed .discovered vaccines cant safe us though some extent helping us to grow immune power to defend us but in USA lot of people still victimized with new variants and dying with helpless conditions. in december2020 news media reported a new variant of the corona virus that causes COVID-19 and since then, other variants have been identified and are under investigations. The new variants raise questions: are people more at risk for getting sick? Will there new or different things you should do now to keep your family, your wife, your neighbor. Your relatives your people at work. Are they safe from you or your safe from them? Still we the scientist doesn’t know. Now lot of microbiologist, biologist and immunologist are facing difficulties to answer questions. Some are saying something to seeing something’s but all are valueless.
Corona has strong immunopower itself no chemical or neutralizers can’t destroy them .they have power altropic modification super power by itself they can grownup with new organs that move with high speed and faster than light energy. And now question why does the corona virus change? Answer is easy they want survive and they want power and catch power from hmanbeings or human leaders to survive This world and want to remain forever in this world .they are also living as we are. They found their right to fight against human being. Variants of viruses occur when there is a change-or mutation –to the virus genes. It is the nature of RNA viruses such as the coronovirus to evolve and change gradually. Geographic separation tends to result in genetically distinct. We the scientist understood. Mutations in virus –including the corona causing the COVID-19 pandemic –are neither new nor unexpected. We try to explain: all RNA virus delta new coronas mutate over time, some more than the others for example flu virus change often, which is why doctors recommend that you get a new flu vaccine every year. So, if you want to save yourself and others you have to take every after 6 months vaccine that we discovered.
Now we are seeing multiple variants of the SARS-COV-2 corona virus that are different from the version first detected in china or created by china laboratory. We don’t know who? Nature or almighty GOD to punish human for their disobedience and their criminality. Or china want be more superpower to create such things to threat the world. Or from them it is bioterrorism’s or business man to earn more money for their elite life or reduce human population with such war.
Or anyway, t is important one mutated version of the corona virus was detected in southeastern England in September that variant now known as Alpha, quickly became the most common version of the corona virus in the United Kingdom, accounting for about 60% of new COVID-19 cases by December.
Different variants have emerged in Brazil, California and other areas. More infectious variants such as BETA- VIRUS which first appeared in South Africa may have ability to re-infect people who have recovered from earlier versions of the coronovirus and also be somewhat resistant to some of the coronovirus vaccines in development still vaccines currently used appear to offer significant protection from severe diseases caused corona variants.
Now, India after delta variants facing new type virus with several arms we called it VIVISON – VIRUS. In Bangladesh having more powerful delta virus and VIVISON -virus now we called them BAY-BENGAL VARIANT –VIRUS .it is thousands time powerful than the others virus but Bangladeshi people don’t realize it and dying every day lot of people without peoples notice and due to government careless.
Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the SARS-COV-2 corona virus that causes COVID-19 has mutated changed, resulting in different variants of thee virus. One of these is called the delta variant and other type variants mentioned above. But the delta coronovirus is considered a variant of concern by the CDC center for disease control USA. Because it appears to be more easily transmitted from one person to another. As of July 2021, delta is regarded as the most contagious form of the SARS-CoV -2 corona virus so far.
Recently recommends that everyone wait until are fully vaccinated for COVID -19 before travelling internationally. Travelling internationally if you are not fully vaccinated for COVID-19is not recommended, because it puts you at risk for
Coronovirus infection, including the SARS-COV-2 delta variant. This includes unvaccinated children.
Delta is rapidly becoming the dominant varian of the SARS-C0V -2 virus in the U.S this year,
Delta variant SARS-CoV -2, the virus that causes COVID-19, is now in many countries and people travelling.
Unvaccinated for COVID -19 can protect you from the delta variant, but breakthrough infections sometimes occur
All three of the FDA –authorizedCOVID-19 vaccines can protect you from the delta variant. For pfizerand moderna vaccine, you need both doses for maximum protection. People should know that vaccines are very effective at preventing the most severe forms of COVID-19, but breakthrough infections can occur and cautions is still warranted after becoming vaccinated.
While the authorizedCOVID-19 vaccines are not perfect, they are highly effective against serious corona virus disease and reduce the risk of hospitalization and death.
Other vaccines available in other countries may not be as effective in protecting you from the delta variant and other mutations of the corona virus. But any way pfizerand Johnson and Johnson vaccines also not 100% perfect. My friend who is working with me in lab, he is doctor of medicines seriously affected corona new variant though he is fully vaccinated and always maintain health regulated procedure but he you see we are not safe from corona even though vaccinated he went social gathering and after someday he somehow affected. Now he is undercards of doctors. may GOD safe him.
GOD knows what is going to be happen.weare scientist telling vaccinated but what is bottom line even vaccine cant safe us or mask cant safe us. Where and how we will get weapons to destroy corona. My conclusions we have to beg pardon from Almighty GOD for our various sins and for our illegal activity and of course to strongly maintained health rules and guidelines. We have to save our children and our future generations for their safety, education and for good health. Then our history of love will continue that we husbands and wifes together bring them in earth. So we the elder government and all human beings have to create new healthy atmosphere to live. Otherwise, we all will die today or tomorrow because corona virus for his allotropic modification dimorphisms will appear every day will appear with new names even then we will not find time to create new vaccines.
But anyway, although vaccines afford very high protection, infections with the delta and other variants remain possible to attach human beings.
Fortunately, vaccination, even among those who acquire infections, appears to prevent serious illness, hospitalization and death from COVID -19..
As I said the covid-19 and delta variant and new variant is spreading rapidly across the world. Government of the world are compelled to enforce lockdown even though it is a diversely affecting the economy.covid-19 and delta variant health and safety protocols should still be mandatory during outdoor activities. This will help in tacking vaccine hesitancy and will serve as an incentive for more people to get vaccinated.covid -19anddelta variant infection, the permitted movement of vaccinated people would not lead t further spreading of thedisease.additinally this will also enable offices and other outdoor activities to gradually get back to normality, thus vacillating a gradual economic revitalization.
But unfortunately still developing country government cant fulfilled vaccinated people because of mismanagement .I heard from India and Bangladesh specially lot of people can’t vaccinated even they tried heard to be registered but no government agency help them even some of them registered but nobodies when and how they will be vaccinated. Though government has vaccines. The world rich country like USA donated lot of vaccines.
Ph.D. MRSB.Royal Society (UK)
The Managing Member (CEO)
New Gene Research Laboratory Inc. NY.UK


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