THE BOOK: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is the Mirror of Golden Bengal for her outstanding performance

DR. S.I. SHELLEY: The prime sheikh Hasina the Bangladesh we deserve, Sheikh Hasina showing how far we can go if you dream the of the golden Bengal. The sheikh Hasina have created thousands of well-paying jobs she has to keep a constant eye on the bottom line to make sure that her goal is efficient and profitable and economic development Bangladesh. Now prime minister draws on all that she has learned from her successes, her failure, and her extraordinary comeback to describe a vision of what must be done to preserve the golden Bengal dreams, at the time of Bangladesh foreign policy has to be put in the hands of a dealmaker. A true dealmaker can constantly put Bangladesh interests first. it is been long time since bangladeh had prime minister like that Priminister Hasina.
We don’t care what we say or you saying but we would be all say the same things: Joy Bangla
She would impose a onetime normal percent, net –worth tax on individuals and trusted a net worth over maximum. That would raise more billion in interests payments, which is would allow us to cut taxes on middle –class working families by more interests.
Sheikh Hasina can afford to be plainspoken .she is not compromised by alliance s and not concerned to special –interest groups. Sheikh Hasina has one financial backer; sheikh Hasina don’t hear anyone speaking for the working men and women in the center. She always keeping interest fot them, she believe nonpoliticians represents the wave of the future voters will be looking for a candidate who is straight-talking , straight –shooting beholden to no one and has proven that she can actually get things done.
We are together we may say something different way but we are saying samethings that is our Golden Bengal. The name of rose different in different languages but the smell of rose remaining same. So whatever we are west Bangladesh or east Bangladesh, we are all Bengali and Bangladeshi.

The Bangladesh we deserve is sheikh Hasina; s platform for the major politician issues’ facing Bangladesh today; she offers no-nonsense, populists provocative and dramatic solutions that no other politicians would dare put forward.
So, to freed and marry sheikh Hasina who believed so deeply in the golden Bengal dream, she is example woman leader brings lot of success in her work. Where others world leader s failed and she is the only leader hold boat and drive it towards success, so she is worthy to get Nobel award or more than that.
Any political leader who won’t face the future head on is putting the golden Bengal dreams at risk. That dream has made this the best country in history of Bangladesh its dream Bangobhondhu the father of the nations dreamed the one they made come true for our Bangladesh. It’s the one that took Hasina to the top. When anybody messes with the golden Bengal dreams, which we are on the fighting side of sheikh Hasina.

We are not worried about whether or not the intellectually /journalists /political establishments thinks we have got the stuff to talk about saving the jy bangle dream . We believe in the golden Bengal dreams Hasina’s experience shows that hasina that it works and Hasina want to do everytings possible to see the regular Bangali people can enjoy the same opportunity for success and security that Hasina had. That means the golden Bengal dreams unencumbered by burocretic ineptitude, government regulations, confiscatory tax polices racism discriminations against women, or discrimination against people based on sexual orientation. we must all have equal access to the golden Bengal dream. Its dreams we deserve and a dream worth fighting for. Prime minister sheikh Hasina

uprooted corruption,and greed madness and vanity sadism an terror she has been uprooted shocking history of mans inhumity to man. In our present day civilizations .she considering a run for the country. the reason has nothing to do with vanity , as some have suggested or merely to block the advancement of other people . she run golden Bengal if she will become the savior of Bangladesh in the name of Almighty Allah GOD .and she hoped she will be winner and conquer to build up perfect prosperous country Bangladesh with beautification modernization with electfication of every inch of Bangladesh it will bring beautifications of Bangladesh inner and outer Bangladesh. Two things are certain at this points , however , she believe wise politicians represents the wave of the future and if she will glorified Bengal should would make the kind of leader of Bangladesh needs in the new millennium.
You can see a long way from the top of Prime Minister Sheikh. If you stand here beside her and look one direction, the view is outstanding. economic growth far better than neighboring country India and Pakistaan ,Nepal Bhutan Myanmar etc now Dhaka is hottest city on the planet hotter than Honkong and hotter than shanghai and hotter than Singapore ,which had sign of development .it was possible to done because of priminister Shekh Hasina’s strong leadership.
Bangladesh crime rate is way down, thanks to Sheikh Hasina our great leader .Wehave having more fun than we have ever had in this terrific economic climate Bangladesh making great deals with Japan India,chaina , Pakistan and with other country .she is smartly maintain the relationship with other country too.she is outstanding leader such leader ever been in our continent .so she is worthy to getnobel award or more than that.if there were literary prize higher than nobel sheikh would probly win that too.
It is my desire sheikh Hasina is a very kind hearted person she is following following words of words and wards of wisdom
A carpet Jaynamz is large enough to accommodate two Imam Sufis, but the Bangladesh is not large enough for two leaders.bangladesh need one leader that is primeministersheikh Hasina The Jaynamaz is too big that we can adap two Imam but Bangladesh is not too big to adapt two leader , here we need one leader like Bangobhandhu’s daughter Outstanding leader Sheikh Hasina, The prime minister of peoples republic Bangladesh . Where world leaders are failed to established peace progress and development due to coved 19 but sheik Hasinas Golden Bengal projects marching towards development. so this year she deserve to get Nobel prize and more than that but seeing theDr. Yonus’s Social Business project is failed to implent’s social development. Dr.yonus gives loan to poor people within some binding that they should return this loan some percentage of loan but if they failed to return loan with interest, the Dr. Youns people took their lands and houses.lot of Bangladeshi poor people complained to Dr . Yonus but no results.however , there is no getting away from the fact that sheikh Hasina had an enormous influence upon tht lives of a very great number of peoples of Bangladesh and in world .she is great person , she fullfil desire of founding father of Bangladesh sheikh muzibur a young lady she was an successful young lady in her early age.Underher leadership the AL rapidly increased in strength.greatdEPRESSION Caused a general public dissatisfaction with the established Bangladeshi politicalparties and peoples. Bacuse of military government The sheikh hasina rapidly gained strength and then after public selected her as a prime minister of Bangladesh.
Upon becoming priminister Hasina rapidly a popular priminister by using the government that this process considere of agradual increase of civilliberties andfreedom and the rights of peoples it was accomplished very quiclly and the frequently peoples getting help from government . no more peoples hungry in entire Bangladesh.mant political opponents also became member her parties .
Honestly Hasina gained the genuine support of most Bangladeshi because she was able to reduce unemployments and generate economic recovery that past all leader failed .she achieved her gains without actually going to and hindrance where as INDIA and Pakistan , beset with their own economic probles , so desperately desired friendship peace and want to shere her. Even most popular honest primeminister IMRAN KHAN wants to make bonds with Bangladesh , perime minister MUDHI became upset that Hasina becaming friend of Pakistan and chiana.
It may occasion some surprise that HASINA a figure virtual unknown nobel prize committee ,now I am trying to Hasnia to nobel committee that they will truly recognize her and honor he with nobel prize or is my request to all world leader to accept my propasl as per her worthy work during her power..she has been ranked higher than such famous Dr Younus and other nobel Laureate .however the development made by the Bangladeshi under taking account both the size and her durations are substantially more important than those of either Yunus or other bobel owner .i don’t want to mentioned their name I put yonus name because I know him very well. Oncetime I wrote article about Nagorik shakti-citizen power , it was published different papers ,but this project also failed.and at theame I wrote a article about glorification and beautification of Bangladesh about Hasina . but Hasina her development of bangladesh fullfil my was acceptable.
The world leadership has been failed to develop their own respective country, is there is anyone who can righteously develop the country is deserve to get Nobel laureate or more than that. we wish prime minister sheikh Hasina of peoples republic of Bangladesh will get that opportunity for her work her projects ; Gollden Bengal is more valuavble than Dr , younus false doctrine social business.
Indeed , there would be several significant changes by sheikh Hasina in retrospect , it is easy to see that overestimated the importance of hasina and now I might instead place her instead of Dr. younus .the importance of recent political figure is very difficult to judge should hasina who is instituting such major changes in the peoples republic of Bangladesh but following leaders of bangladeh failed to change Bangladesh but hasina did it.i would like to mentioned dr. yunus name .he was done things that was done by somemen giving loan to do somethings and then they force them to return money if not they took their exstings land or home as dr. younus did . so significantely dryouns did not performed any positive things ,peoples suffered than he helped themhowever , I am concerned solely with influence and to say shekh hasina have had far more influence on the world than anybody else in Bangladesh.Sheikh hasina to whom probably should have included in the top leader instead of other Bangladeshi leader even she is international figure as a importand in our present day situation.for her role in the introductions of mass production technique such as garments,and road costuctions and bridge set up in all over Bangladesh.

What about the future Bangladesh ?i considered the influence that thir accomplishments may have on future generations and events since our knowledge of the future Bangladesh is severely limited , it is obvious I coud not estimate continued influence with anything approaching certitude . nevery=theless , it seems safe to predict that that Hasina will therefore continue to affect the daily lives of our remote deciding exactly where to place an individual,I gave much weight to the importance of the historical movement to which she contributed. Generally speaking , major historical developments are never due to the actions of one person alonebecause hasina is concerned with individual , personal influence , I have tried to divide the credit for a given development in proportions to each leaders contributions that peoples already knows.individuals therefore are not have that positions in the same order as would be the important events or movements with whixh they are associated.sometimes a person who is almost exclusively responsible for a significant event or movement has been positions higher than one who played a less dominant role in a more important movement .in thease case Dr. yunus worked is very poor.a striking example of this is my ranking Hasina higher than Dr. Yunus and other Bangladeshi leaderbecause of my belief tha Hasina had a nuch greater personal influence on the formulation of the Bangladesh present development philosophy than any other bagladeshi had on the formulation of the democracy of the Bangladesh this does not imply . of course that I think Hasina was a greater women than anyother women in Bangladeshi history and brings her position in It is remarkable, that there are some developments to which a large number of person contributed but in which no one individual was of person contributed, but in which one individual was of everythings and overriding importance a good illustration is the developments of explosives and firearms another is the womens liberation movement and women involvement in all spare of lifes . this biggest credit of Mrs. Hasina.still another is the rise and evaluations of womens crediabilty in Bangladesh and outside Bangladesh womens in participations.although each of these developments is major importance , if credit were apportioned among the many opportunity and contributions no one person would qualify for inclusions of listed Bangladeshi leader even Dr. Yonus in his social business and so called gramin bank development. It is zero value now in over Bangladesh and even other world.
History of Bangladesh (1971–present, 2021)
Following all leader failed to develop Bangladesh but prime minister sheikh Hasina honestly speaking performed much more thatyou can practically observed her activities tis shows she is outstanding leader
Would it then be advisable to choose a representative individual for each of these developments,and to accord that person all of the crdit.under such problems and procedures, the philosophy wuld appear near the too of the list as representative of philosophy but philosopher himdelf is nether particularly famus he is virtuallu unknown out side thedevelopment as Dr. yonus not have any direct development projects and whatever his social business to earn money for his pocket , there is nothing done in his socialbusiness it son ds too much but fruit is nothing.people did not see it.-nor outsyandingly influential . similarity , it wpuld strike ne as frivolous to give position to Dr. yonus , the inventor of an early model of social businesss so sheikh hasina is higher than Dr. yonus.purely on grounds that the evolution of firearms was more important than the formulation of the theory of social business .it is failure all over the world.i have decied not to try to choose a first among equals / each person included in Bangladesh has been less qualify and unproductive person , no sign of development intheir leadership as performed by sheikh Hasina.she has outstanding on the basis of her actual influence that she isdaughter of father of the nation bangobhandu shikh mujibur rahman.,rather than as person of an important movement of development and democracy.
When two individuals like Hasina and Dr. yonus in close collaboration produced what is ess entially a joint accomplishment , a special rule has been adopted. But here nobel prize comity of sween did mistake.isay in time of rabindho nath tagore there was famous poet, and wise man literature and culture and was influence person in history like leo Tolstoy . Maxim Gorky etc etc poet Nazrul Islam and Dr. Alama Iqbal but they did not got nobel thoghh they were more intelligent and wise and they were famous there words of words and words of wisdom.but they did not got nobel. Rabindho nath got because in his family influencial persons ,they were directly releted to Rabindhonath tagre family , they were british politician.because their influence Rabindho Nath got nobel same Dr. Yonus also got same way as rabindhonath got because Dr Yonus was directly releted with president Clinton and Hilary Clinton and other Americans influential and swdesh nobel committee.hasina worked so closely together with peoples that is nearly impossible to other individual contributions or thiscase , it seems pointless to attempt to ascertain the proportion of credit due to each man and then to assign each man a separate place on the Bangladeshi listed people.indeed the two person have been treated as a joint entry but Dr. yonus here to failed to specify.

President Clinton and prime minister sheikh hasina and hasina said –I always knedoneday I would take this road , but yesterday I did not know today would be the day.

Covid-19 and the Prime Minister joins forces with world leaders to call for increased action to tackle the growing crisis of antimicrobial and anti viral resistance.

If we can regulate our RNA gene we can probably can defend or able to takle or defend increased crises of futuristic microbial and viral infection .gene regulation will be first state to prolong our life span .see picture where have to control.

The greatest problems facing the world today with the corona virus and thus our prime minister sheikh Haasina brings notice to the world leader and her decessions has ben given most priority , see the following parameters as prime minister has bring to the world leaders
The Honorable Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, has joined other world leaders to alert countries to the accelerating crisis of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).
The prime minister was speaking at the launch of the new One Health Global Leaders Group on Antimicrobial Resistance, of which she is co-chair, during World Antimicrobial Awareness Week.
FAO, together with the World Health Organization (WHO), and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), established the group to harness the leadership and influence of world leaders to catalyse global attention and action to avert the disastrous consequences of AMR. Members include heads of government, government ministers, plus leaders from the private sector and civil society.
“We are running out of available antibiotics (for antimicrobial resistance) and soon could face another global emergency, far more severe than the current COVID-19 pandemic”, Sheikh Hasina told global leaders at the launch. She called for increased international coordination and more investment.
Antimicrobial resistance arises when the organisms that cause infection evolve ways to survive treatments. Misuse and overuse of antimicrobials in humans, animals and agriculture are the main drivers of AMR. Resistant micro-organisms can spread between humans, animals or the environment, and the antimicrobials used to treat various infectious diseases in animals and humans can be the same. One Health is an approach that recognizes that the health of people is closely connected to the health of animals and our shared environment.
Resistance is a natural biological phenomenon but is increased and accelerated by various factors such as misuse of medicines, poor infection control practices and global trade and travel. This is a particular concern with antibiotics. Many of the medical advances in recent years, for example, organ transplantation and cancer chemotherapy, need antibiotics to prevent and treat the bacterial infections that can be caused by the treatment. Without effective antibiotics, even minor surgery and routine operations could become high-risk procedures if serious infections cannot be treated.
The Directors-General of FAO, OIE and WHO described the rapid rise of drug resistance as one of the world’s most urgent threats to human, animal and environmental health – endangering food security, international trade, economic development and undermining progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
“During the COVID-19 crisis, we must not forget that AMR is a ‘slow motion’ pandemic, with significant long-term threats to global public health and food security, which needs multi-stakeholders engagement,” FAO Director-General QU Dongyu. He added that to accelerate progress in the fight against antimicrobial resistance, FAO was going to launch a new Action Plan on AMR for 2021-2025, aimed at providing further support to governments, producers, traders and other stakeholders for the adoption of measures to minimize the use of antimicrobials and to contain the spread of antimicrobial resistance.
WHO’s latest reporting shows that the world is running out of effective treatments for several common infections. “Antimicrobial resistance is one of the greatest health challenges of this generation, and we absolutely cannot leave it for the next generation to solve,” said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of WHO.
Bangladesh has taken steps to address AMR. In 2017, the country’s leading physicians, veterinarians, and scientists came together to form the Bangladesh AMR Response Alliance (BARA). BARA practitioners prescribe antimicrobials based on standard guidelines developed together with FAO and WHO, and actively advocate for responsible usage within their workplaces and communities.
Mia Seppo, the UN Resident Coordinator in Bangladesh, welcomed the new high-level coordination group. “This high-level group is a very important step during a critical time in which antimicrobial resistance is an accelerating crisis. Bangladesh is committed to taking action to tackle this global problem, as evidenced by the commitment of the honourable Prime Minister who is taking a lead role. FAO and WHO will continue to support One Health commitments in Bangladesh.”
The Interagency Coordination Group (IACG) on Antimicrobial Resistance was convened by the Secretary-General of the United Nations after the UN High-Level Meeting on Antimicrobial Resistance in 2016. The IACG brought together partners across the UN, international organizations and individuals with expertise across human, animal and plant health, as well as the food, animal feed, trade, development and environment sectors, to formulate a blueprint for the fight against antimicrobial resistance. The Secretariat for the IACG was provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), with contributions from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE). The IACG completed its mandate on 29 April 2019 upon the handover of its report to the Secretary-General.
So we have to isolate thease pathogens and need to take preventive and corrective action.

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina taken special aseptic technic which is complies with NY , USA microbiologist DR. S.I.SHELLEY.
From USA we congratulate Primemister sheikh hasina . this is also will be wrriten in corona virus history.

The influence of women on human affairs ,aswell as the contributions that females have made to human civilization , is obviously far greater than be indicated by their numbers but a galaxy of influential figures will naturaly bencomposed of individual who had both talent and opportunity toexert a great influence . throughout history , women have generally been denied such opportunity and muy inclusion tuth . I see no point in trying to cover up the disagreeable fact of discrimination by adding a few tolen women .this philosophy based on what actuaaly did occur in the past. Not on what should have occurred , or what migh have had human instution been more equtablesimilar observations might be made concering various racial or ethinoc whose members have been disadvantages.
I have stressed that influence has been the sole criterian in ranking the indivudial in this compendium .it would ,of course, be possible to constract lists of outstanding persons based on other criteria , such as fame ,prestige ,talen .versatility and nobility and leadership f character.
Here I must say sheikh hasina prime minister the peoples republic of Bangladesh is absolutely fit to win the nobel award .he is the most powerful women leader of the world ,the world is failed toovercome problems , the world leadership is failed but Bangladesh was very poor country as Henery Kissiger said Bangladesh is bottonmless basket but sheikh hasina made Bangladesh prosporus and developed contry. To be continued.
In a world has gone and same Bangladesh has gone much generation ,our ability to lead a professionally productive yet reflective life is increasingly challaged sheikh hasina facing that challenge .a time of professional disengagement offered by a sabbatical is invaluable . the chance to creative personal intetest and family and friends free of the demands of the office black berry leads to richer and color life and thereby a refreshed perspective when returing to worssheikh hasina understand this and offer wise decision to develop country through trade and business to make Bangladesh most developed country .she understood Bangladeshi people honest and love sicearly life.dhe knows her people very early her life and thus acting as peoples wishes.

The human kind are the limbs of one frame
As in creations one of the limbs to sting .
In fate causes one of the limbs to sting
Others will be restleesin their suffering .
You who are unconcerned about other problems suffering
Are unworthy of being called human being( sheikh Sadi (RA) 13 th century persian poets)

His Persian are as follows:
Boni adam afgae yek di garan .
Kedar affrinesh
Ye yk goharnd
Cho osvi badand
Avarad rogigar
Degar ogbi hara
Namanad gharar to kabhernater
O’garan bughani
Nasayad ke namad
Nah hand admi

Since the influence with which we are concerned must be averaged over the world at large, the names of many outstanding political figures whose influence was primarily local are absent, however , a significant impact on one important country is equivalent to a less commanding influence affecting the entire earth thus , Hasina , whose influence extended primarily to her own country .I have not confined a person who have affected the present situation of mankind influence on past generations was taken equality into account but I am sure sheikh Hasina will be our who bring Bangladesh to the electrification and beautification and glorificaon the golden Bengal so I consider.


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